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Posts tagged "whistleblowers"

Defamation lawsuit filed against Penn State by former employee

A San Diego worker may be put in an awkward and uncomfortable position if he or she ever witnesses something suspicious at work. When this does happen, employees should understand that they may be protected under California and federal whistleblower laws when they choose to file a complaint about illegal conduct in the workplace.

New law protects whistleblowers in FDA-regulated food businesses

A new law signed by President Obama last month, the Food Safety and Modernization Act, protects food industry workers from retaliation for reporting what they believe to be health violations. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, whistleblowers cannot be fired, demoted or denied promotions for reporting anything they reasonably believe violates the Food Safety Act.

Man Suing Pacifica, CA, Company for Wrongful Termination

A former employee of Coastside Scavenger has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the company. Jose Castellanos was an employee of the trash hauling and recycling company for 37 years before he was fired a year ago, which he alleges was in retaliation for his reputation as a whistleblower.