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FLSA and tipped employees

Many Californians work in positions where they receive tips. These workers primarily work in restaurants as servers. However, since these individuals receive tips as part of their wages, there may be issues about how this income should be treated. Fortunately, state and federal laws are pretty clear, and anyone who runs astray of those laws may find themselves in the middle of heated employment law litigation.

The employment of minors in the restaurant industry

San Diego is home to countless award-winning and famous restaurants. In fact, many successful professionals got their start working in restaurants, and many others still make their livings in the industry. One issue that often comes up in employment law is the lawful employment of minors in the restaurant industry. An experienced employment law firm can help with issues such as employee classification, understanding wage laws, denied overtime and more.

Unauthorized overtime and California law

After the holidays, many workers in California want to pick up some overtime so they can start paying back their holiday bills. For other workers, overtime is sorely needed to keep afloat at home. In any case, it's important for workers who are putting in extra hours to know their rights before the law. Overtime provisions are an important part of state law that protect workers from wage and hour law violations.

What rights does a California garment employee have?

People in California who work in the garment industry are often immigrants or new to the workforce. With that, they might not fully understand the rights they are accorded under the law. The California Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Labor Standards Enforcement protects these workers by investigating and handling any issue that might arise. Problems that are often relevant include being denied breaks or overtime, not receiving what they are supposed to under state hour and wage laws and poor workplace conditions. Even undocumented workers are protected.

What are school attendance requirements for child labor?

If a California employer hires people who are under the age of 18, there are certain rules that must be adhered to be in compliance with state labor laws. Employment of minors can be tricky and a violation can be a major problem for the employer. One factor that must be taken into account is the school attendance requirements for child labor.

What is the waiting time penalty under wage and hour law?

In California and throughout the country, there are certain subsets of laws that are part of the basic wage laws that an employee, and even an employer, might not fully understand. One is the waiting time penalty. Employees and employers must be aware of this requirement when an employee is due his or her wages when no longer working at the job. Under the law, the employer will be penalized if it has willfully failed to pay wages that the employee is due.