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Does a popular movie website engage in age discrimination?

Here in Southern California, many local residents may have aspirations to someday become part of the region's huge entertainment industry. For many, that means working day and night secure an audition if they want to become an actor or actress. In this occupational arena, image is everything and most aspiring or currently working actors do all they can to put their best foot forward. For those in the entertainment industry, as well as in most other industries, age discrimination laws can be a powerful protection against workplace discrimination.

National origin discrimination and cultural traits

In a state as diverse as California, in a metro with as much international presence as San Diego, it's important that workplace discrimination does not occur. Many workers understand that discrimination based on race, religion and other factors is generally illegal. However, many may not realize that discrimination based on national origin is also against the law. Therefore, workers may become victimized if such discrimination is allowed to take place.

Woman sues famous restaurant for employment discrimination

In California, many forms of employment discrimination are against the law. For example, the law prohibits discrimination because of a person's age, national origin, race, religion or gender. This applies when a person already has a job and is confronted with workplace discrimination or is mistreated when seeking employment. Those who are subjected to discrimination need to be aware that any violation of their employee rights could be the basis for a legal filing. This is not relegated to certain jobs; it can occur in any workplace, including well-known businesses.

What is and what is not disability discrimination?

People with disabilities in California are accorded certain rights when seeking employment or if they are already employed. The Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) precludes the employer from discriminating against a person because of their disability. However, it can be confusing as to what is considered disability discrimination and what is not. One factor that is important in this process is an independent medical examination to determine the extent of the disability. Understanding this in the context of the law is imperative when considering filing a case for workplace discrimination or employment discrimination based on disability.

Two FedEx Ground employees faced harassment on the job

It might come as a surprise to many in California that various forms of harassment in the workplace are still an ongoing issue. To those who are subjected to it, it is no surprise whatsoever. Knowing what to do in such a circumstance might sound like a simple matter of reporting it to the proper authorities, but that does not always work and it is sometimes necessary to think about a legal claim for discrimination at work or for other allegations of mistreatment. Everyone has the right to fair treatment at work and in some instances, a legal filing is the only way to achieve that.

Employee rights with employment inquiries, Part II

Employees and applicants for jobs in California need to have an understanding of what employers are allowed to ask in regards to personal information. This is based on the California Fair Employment and Housing Act. A previous post gave a basic foundation of what this law entails and certain specifics about it.