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Assistance with benefit dispute with your employer

When San Diego residents think about a dispute over pay with their employer, the first thing that will likely pop in to their mind is a debate how much an employee is entitled to in ordinary cash payments under California law.

While it is true that employees are entitled to their agreed upon cash salary, that is just one area in which an employer might try take advantage of an employee by undercompensating him or her. For instance, many employees receive special benefits and incentives, which can include stock options, guaranteed bonuses, perks and other compensation. These benefits are often described in detail in an employee's employment contract.

Many times, compensation disputes between an employer and employee over a benefit or benefits are really matters of how a contract is interpreted. In this respect, our law office can help advocate for a California employee's position while also protecting the employee's rights.

With over 100 years combined experience representing all different types of employees, there is rarely a contract issue we have not seen before, which means we usually have a good idea of what the employer is going to say and how we can refute the employer's position.

When a dispute over an employment contract arises, we put our knowledge and experience in to the service of our clients, and we make it our mission to do whatever we legally can to get them the benefits and payments they deserve. We do this by carefully investigating our clients' claims in an effort to truly understand the situation. We then rely on our knowledge of California and other applicable law to develop the facts in to the best case possible for our clients.