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October 2016 Archives

What are work search requirements for unemployment compensation?

People in California who lose their jobs and believe they are entitled to unemployment benefits must be fully aware of the various rules that dictate both receiving and retaining those benefits. In some instances, there might be a misunderstanding of what the recipient is required to do to get the benefits. In others, there could be a disagreement with employers over a multitude of issues that are linked to unemployment compensation. Regardless, there are work search requirements that a person who is receiving benefits must follow.

What are school attendance requirements for child labor?

If a California employer hires people who are under the age of 18, there are certain rules that must be adhered to be in compliance with state labor laws. Employment of minors can be tricky and a violation can be a major problem for the employer. One factor that must be taken into account is the school attendance requirements for child labor.

Sexual harassment alleged at McDonald's across U.S.

Workers in any type of job in San Diego, and throughout the nation, who are confronted with unwanted sexual advances, sexually explicit materials in the workplace or any other behaviors that can fall into the category of sexual harassment, might not know what to do to stop it. In some instances, harassment at work can lead to job loss when the employee resists the advances. It can also result in the worker choosing to leave the job on his or her own. What employee should realize is that sexual harassment is against the law and it can be the foundation for a legal filing against an employer.

What is the waiting time penalty under wage and hour law?

In California and throughout the country, there are certain subsets of laws that are part of the basic wage laws that an employee, and even an employer, might not fully understand. One is the waiting time penalty. Employees and employers must be aware of this requirement when an employee is due his or her wages when no longer working at the job. Under the law, the employer will be penalized if it has willfully failed to pay wages that the employee is due.