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January 2016 Archives

3 approaches to sexual harassment

If someone is harassing you in the workplace, it is possible the individual does not realize his or her behavior is making you uncomfortable. Outside of blatant quid pro quo harassment situations, it is sometimes best to approach harassment with communication, at least as a first attempt to stop the activity. But how do you approach someone whom you believe is sexually harassing you?

Math teacher files wrongful termination lawsuit

A college math lecturer has been fighting with UC Berkeley over his firing for some time, and he's just decided to file a wrongful termination lawsuit. He started at the California school back in 2013. His complaint is technically aimed at the UC Board of Regents.

Defamation of character in the workplace

Defamation of your character in the workplace can have serious consequences for your career. Lies or even half-told truths about you can make it hard to work with other team members and can impact your chance at a promotion. Someone who is ruining your character in the workplace must be stopped, but how do you handle such a situation?

Do employees get overtime for more than 8 hours?

If you look at federal wage and hour laws, you'll find that employees have to be paid overtime whenever they break the 40-hour mark for the week. This is a mandatory standard that has to be followed. Generally speaking, it means workers on a typical schedule—eight hours a day and five days a week—will get paid for overtime when they go over eight hours in a day, since that will also put them over 40 for the week.

Proposed federal employee rights changes worth attention

The current civil service system is in place because Congress recognizes that politics has a way of eroding the delivery of effective services. The system also includes provisions for protecting government workers in California and elsewhere against unjust disciplinary actions.

Is CA Labor Commissioner's Office behind the times?

The notion that a fair day's work is worth a fair day's pay is something that the labor movement has promoted for a long time. And in California, the concept has been codified into law in different ways. One example is that overtime gets paid for any work over eight hours in a day. The general rule in much of the country only grants OT for work over 40 hours in a week.

What duty of religious accommodation do employers face?

A recent employee dispute at a meat packing plant in a state other than California has generated a lot of headlines in recent weeks. Because of the nature of the story and the tense global atmosphere in the world, it seems fair to expect that many people might have questions about the events and whether any workplace discrimination claims might be in the offing.

Should you sign an employee arbitration agreement?

Many employers are now asking employees to sign arbitration agreements, often as part of their contract for employment. Sometimes, agreeing to the arbitration agreement is a contingency of employment. At-will employers can even require that existing employees sign such agreements, terminating employment if the worker refuses to sign.