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September 2015 Archives

EEOC job-related point: base hiring decisions on ability

Sometimes employment discrimination matters are very individual-specific and not universally applicable. That is, the facts most central to an allegation or case are narrowly tailored to only one person and not overly instructive in any generic or broad-based sense.

Mild epilepsy leads to alleged wrongful termination

It is not uncommon for workers with disabilities nationwide, including in California, to suffer workplace discrimination. For that reason, the Americans with Disabilities Act is in place for the protection of the rights of these workers. Unfortunately, such discrimination often leads to wrongful termination.

Restaurant owner sued for alleged violation of overtime laws

California workers have certain rights pertaining to the hours they work and the remuneration they receive. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, the federal overtime provisions require employers to pay non-exempt workers overtime if their hours per work week exceed 40. Overtime for extra hours must be calculated at a rate of at least one-and-a-half times the normal hourly rate.

Myriad employment-related bills now before state lawmakers

There is a flurry of legislation -- that is, proposed bills under consideration and not yet enacted as new laws in California -- currently working its way through the California Legislature in Sacramento. State lawmakers are grappling with the wording and implications attached to broad-based labor bills that have been written, with legislators working through a session ending on Friday next week.