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July 2015 Archives

What exactly is a federal Equal Employee Opportunity claim?

Many federal employees in California and elsewhere likely feel despondent and even overwhelmed if they are on the receiving end of discrimination or harassment at the workplace. Being victimized by such behavior can be degrading. Discriminatory and harassing acts can seem intimidating and even overtly threatening.

Focus: retaliation against workers opposing discrimination

Given that American workers are protected against discrimination in the workplace by a number of federal and state laws (please see, for example, our June 15 entry discussing the Americans with Disabilities Act), it shouldn't be surprising that protection also extends to cases where employees call out or otherwise oppose workplace discrimination, right?

Focus: gay rights' groups and employment discrimination, Part 2

In our immediately preceding blog post, we referred to "the next great battle" concerning gay rights in the United States (please see our July 7 entry). As termed in a recent Los Angeles Times article, that is "the expansion of federal civil rights laws to protect gays in the workplace and elsewhere."

Employment discrimination next great battle for gay rights' groups

The United States Supreme Court ruling that issued late last month legalizing same-sex marriage across the country was, of course, both historical and seminal. In a 5-4 opinion, justices held that the remaining minority of states that had gay-marriage bans immediately begin issuing marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples seeking to wed and recognize same-sex marriages consummated in other states, such as California.