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June 2015 Archives

When secrecy duties imposed on employees get excessive

Can an agreement that a California business requires a prospective hire to sign as a prerequisite to employment demand that the worker refrain from divulging proprietary company information regarding processes, technologies and business plans to competitors?

Federal lawsuit alleges CVS racial profiling, discrimination

The logo CVS is about as familiar to persons living in San Diego and to other Southern California residents as any other corporate designation. The pharmacy chain's stores liberally dot the area, just as the company's massive size ensures a dominant market niche throughout the rest of the country, as well

Top-shelf points of concern regarding wage/hour issues, Part 2

Our immediately preceding blog post from this week began a discussion of select topics relating to wage-and-hour matters that are currently receiving some scrutiny (please see our June 16 entry). We continue with that theme in today's post, commencing with a focus on unpaid interns in the workplace.

Supreme Court rules in Abercrombie discrimination case

A just-breaking media report from earlier today notes that, thankfully, the same degree of tensions marking conflict that has emerged in some European countries between local Islamic and other populations has not emerged in the United States.