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June 2013 Archives

Female police officer files sexual harassment case

An African American police officer claims that her superior made sexual advances, causing her great duress on the job. In the sexual harassment case that she filed, the woman says that a male lieutenant made inappropriate comments and touched her inappropriately. Further, she claims she was retaliated against after reporting his behavior to other superior officers. Retaliation against sexual harassment victims who report the incident is not uncommon in California or elsewhere. Especially when the threat of retaliation exists, it can be particularly damaging to victims because they are afraid to speak out and the harassment continues.

Man fights back after alleged weight discrimination on the job

People come in all shapes and sizes and so does discrimination. Recently, a man filed an action against his former employer, claiming that his employment was terminated because he was overweight. Typically, workplace discrimination actions involve points of discrimination such as age, race, gender and sexual orientation. However, overweight California residents are often treated unfairly or lose their jobs simply because of their appearance, and they are just as entitled to pursue the matter in court as any other victim.

California worker to be compensated $350k for sexual harassment

Sexual harassment on the job is inexcusable. Whether the employer is a government or private entity, whether it is in California or out of state, an employer must take measures to protect its employees from this kind of injustice. If an employer has failed to protect a worker from sexual harassment, the worker can take action to seek justice.

2 California teachers claim wrongful termination against school

Schools are a place in which discrimination unfortunately exists but should not. Typically, the stories one hears are of students discriminating against each other. Rarer are reports of employees being discriminated against. Two former teachers of a California Christian school are filing claims for wrongful termination due to religious discrimination.

Disney sued for workplace discrimination in California

The "Muppets" franchise, owned by Disney and based out of California, has been entertaining Americans for decades. However, despite the funny and carefree attitude of the characters on the show, working for "Muppets" is a serious matter and misconduct is fully punishable by law. One of the female first assistant film editors for the "Muppets" movie is suing Disney for workplace discrimination by her employer, the editor of the film.

Reparations for wrongful termination for California mom?

Going back to work after having children is sometimes a difficult decision for a mother, especially when those children have medical issues. There are federal laws and California has its own acts in place to assist parents who need extended time off to take care of sick children. When a mother is fired from an employment position after employers violate these laws, a claim for wrongful termination on the part of the employee may be successful.

Jesse Ventura forging ahead in defamation lawsuit

California readers may remember former professional wrestler Jesse Ventura. Many will also know him for his role as a governor, where he gained mixed reviews for a governing style that many categorize as 'hotheaded.' Ventura is no longer a governor, and is making headlines over a defamation lawsuit filed against a former Navy Seal.

Harmless 'fun' or sexual harassment? Law to decide at ITT Tech

Many companies have meetings and conferences meant to encourage camaraderie and motivate their employees. Training sessions, inter-departmental competitions, and company rituals can shape the attitudes and performance of employees. However, when these same motivational tools are used to degrade, pressure or embarrass specific employees, it becomes discrimination and sexual harassment. One California company is about to find out where the court feels this line between harmless "fun" and harassment is drawn.