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January 2013 Archives

Are workers in San Diego victims of wage theft practices?

Workers nationwide are protected by federal laws intended to prevent discrimination, harassment or other obvious forms of unfair treatment in the workplace. Yet, workers in California and throughout the U.S. may be victims of a less obvious offense called wage theft. Wage theft is an all-too-common practice by employers that leaves employees robbed of their rightful pay and benefits.

Federal regulators warn employers about social media policies

As we mentioned earlier this month on our San Diego employment law blog, social media users are protected under new employment laws that went into effect on Jan. 1 in California. Under new laws regarding social media use and employee privacy issues, it is now illegal for employers to request or require passwords and login information to have access to job applicants' and employees' personal social media accounts.

Burger King workers finally settle 14-year sexual harassment case

Workers have the right to certain expectations in the workplace, including being able to work in an environment that is safe and free of sexual harassment. Unfortunately, sexual harassment still occurs, and even when employees do report incidents, employers may try to deny the allegations or ignore workers' complaints.

How pregnancy discrimination is continuing after legislation

Finding out you're pregnant might be the happiest thing in a San Diego woman's life but it can also mean that there may be some not-so-happy aspects to the new development. Residents in San Diego and across the country have been dealing with the possibility of discrimination in the workforce due to a pregnancy for a long time, and while there was a piece of legislation passed in the late 70's, it may not have covered the entire issue.

EEOC says domestic violence discrimination at work may be illegal

Domestic violence continues to affect women and men throughout the entire country, including folks in San Diego. Victims of domestic violence may suffer from depression when they feel like they will never be able to get out of an abusive relationship, and they may even fear for their lives and the safety of their children.

Sexual harassment at work: San Diego teens more likely to be victims?

Parents of teenagers who are encouraging their kids to find part-time or summer jobs should also consider explaining to their teens some of the basic rights workers have in California in order to protect their children from being taken advantage of in the workplace by their employers.

New laws in effect to protect more workers in California

San Diego employees may have a general idea of what their rights are in the workplace, but laws about harassment, discrimination and other employment issues can become confusing because these laws and protections continue to change and evolve over time.