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November 2012 Archives

Report: San Diego one of the top places for LGBT to work, live

Members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in San Diego may have faced some tough challenges throughout their lives as a result of their sexual orientation or nontraditional gender identities.

Update: 'Price Is Right' model wins wrongful termination lawsuit

Earlier this month on our San Diego employment law blog, we had mentioned that a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit filed by a former model from the game show "The Price Is Right," was being heard by a jury in California. Last week, it was reported that the jury did side with the woman who was fired by the game show after she became pregnant with twins.

California lodge settles sexual harassment claim

California has strict laws against sexual harassment in the workplace, but unfortunately the treatment still occurs. According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, a female worker was sexually harassed and retaliated against at Tenaya Lodge, a hotel and resort located near Yosemite National Park in California.

Teacher sues California school district for discrimination

There's no question that women have gained a lot of ground over the past several decades when it comes to equal rights in the workplace. While battles continue over issues such as equal pay for equal work, women and their legal and political allies have successfully fought against widespread sexual harassment and discrimination against those who seek time off to have children. For example, all women now have the right to maternity leave, thanks to the efforts of those from earlier generations.

Employer fires California woman over Facebook post about election

Social media allows Americans to stay connected and to communicate with others from all over the world at any given time. Although folks should certainly feel empowered to share their beliefs, they must also be careful in how they do so. Social media can have a negative impact on lives. In California and throughout the U.S., social media has been used against people in criminal cases and it has also been the cause for some divorces. Social media may even cost workers their jobs.

Veteran fired from gym over disability, lawsuit claims

A former Marine has filed a wrongful termination suit against the gym he claims fired him because he is a disabled veteran. The man has produced documentation showing that a manager at the facility terminated his employment because of his disability. The man experiences vision problems associated with his service and says the disability discrimination was sparked by his visit to a VA doctor in July.

Sexual harassment happened daily, new workplace lawsuit states

It is disappointing to know that women and men continue to be victims of sexual harassment in the workplace. Sexual harassment is illegal, but every year more incidents are reported in California and throughout the entire country. Some complaints are handled appropriately and immediately by employers. Unfortunately, other complaints are ignored until workers decide to take legal action.

Game show model claims pregnancy discrimination in lawsuit

A lawsuit filed against "The Price is Right" game show is just one in a string of suits going back to the years when Bob Barker was still the show's host. The former employee who filed the complaint is citing pregnancy discrimination for incidents she claims demonstrate hostility toward her after producers discovered she was pregnant.