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May 2012 Archives

California employee who was ill accuses CEO of discrimination

According to a 28-page legal claim that was recently filed in California, the CEO of the Tri-City Healthcare District has failed to protect the rights of the agency's employees who have had to take time off of work for medical purposes over the last few years.

Employee claims that his female boss sexually harassed him at work

Workers in San Diego and throughout the entire U.S. should understand that sometimes having "fun" at work can get out of hand, resulting in some very unprofessional and offensive comments or actions. When this happens, an employer should handle the situation appropriately in order to protect and honor employee rights.

Fired California teacher says her free speech rights were violated

Many of us who work in the San Diego area would probably admit that we act a little differently when we are in the office compared to when we are at home relaxing with family or out having fun with friends. We understand that there are lines that should not be crossed at work and that we should act professionally while in the workplace in order to do our jobs effectively and efficiently. But can workers in California be fired for their behavior or for what they say outside of the workplace while off the clock?

EEOC warns employers against misuse of criminal background checks

Employers in San Diego and throughout the entire state of California may have reasons not to hire or promote employees based on inexperience, poor work history or other factors. However, when it comes to making hiring or promotion decisions, discrimination against job applicants or current employees under state and federal labor and employment laws is not permitted.

California wants to protect employees' social media privacies

A recent explosion of controversy has erupted concerning employers requesting to see their employees' or job applicants' private profile information on social media sites in order to make hiring or promotion decisions. While this practice may not seem entirely ethical, there are currently no laws to protect California employees and job applicants from being discriminated against for refusing to hand over their passwords and social media account information to employers.

Muslim woman wins harassment lawsuit against employer AT&T

If you are like any other San Diego resident, you have probably dreaded going to work at one time or another. Maybe your infant kept you up all night and you barely got any sleep before the alarm clock went off. Perhaps you felt nervous about giving a presentation in front of your boss. Or maybe your co-worker was bothering you with office drama and you just didn't want to hear it anymore.

Employee terminated after donating kidney for supervisor

Would you donate a kidney to your boss? More California workers and other workers in the U.S. might respond to this question with a "heck no" after hearing about one worker's story that made national news a couple of weeks ago. The employee donated one of her kidneys so that her boss could receive a kidney transplant, but she was fired shortly after doing so. The woman has now filed a lawsuit against her employer citing wrongful termination.