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March 2012 Archives

More than a dozen workers sue Coca-Cola for race discrimination

Investigating workers' claims of harassment or discrimination in the workplace is certainly important for making sure that employees are disciplined for any type of inappropriate behavior. But when California employers appropriately address and handle formal complaints in the workplace regarding sexual harassment, race discrimination or other concerning issues, these employers are also assuring employees that their rights will be protected in the workplace.

California chief probation officer accused of sexual harassment

A 38-year-old chief probation officer from Alameda County, California, has been accused of sexual harassment. A lawsuit was filed against the male officer last week claiming that he had acted inappropriately in the workplace toward another employee.

Employers asking for Facebook passwords in addition to résumés

We have mentioned before on our San Diego employment law attorney blog that more employers in the U.S. are using social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to learn more about job applicants as well as current employees. In some cases, postings, pictures and status updates have resulted in employees being fired, athletes losing endorsements and job seekers being denied employment.

California warehouse employees denied basic workplace rights

Warehouse workers in California and nationwide handle many essential functions for retail giants or technology companies, shipping ordered goods to customers, and loading trucks or shelves. Frequently earning minimum wage, many of them say that they are deprived of many basic rights supposedly guaranteed by state and federal employment laws, and some claim that they are even cheated out of receiving their full minimum wage benefits.

California hospital employee wins wrongful termination lawsuit

Sexual harassment is illegal in the workplace, and employees in San Diego and throughout the entire U.S. are protected under specific laws when they raise formal complaints about misconduct in the workplace with their employers.

Cashier at California restaurant files sexual harassment lawsuit

A former employee at a Cheesecake Factory restaurant located in California filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the popular restaurant chain in March 2011 after she believed that she was fired for speaking up about the harassment. Recently, the restaurant filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit, stating that it fired the worker for stealing tips. The request to dismiss the lawsuit has been denied and her case will proceed in court.

Former UC San Diego worker claims she was fired for doing her job

In February 2010, UC San Diego drew national attention after racial tensions began to emerge on campus, highlighting the school's alleged lack in diversity and special programs for minority students. To resolve the issue, the school created a new position and hired a woman as the Director of Development for Diversity Initiatives. The new position was created to help ease racial tension at the school and to create a more diverse campus for students.

California workers protected by many leave laws

In order to make sure employees rights are not violated by their employers when they take time off of work for an illness or to care for a family member who is sick, workers should have a basic knowledge of state and federal laws regarding the use of lawful leave rights.