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September 2011 Archives

California defamation trial involving Courtney Love, Twitter proceeds

Many new organizations have been talking about the twentieth anniversary of Nirvana's "Nevermind," which occurred last weekend. Meanwhile, a defamation lawsuit against the late Kurt Cobain's wife, Courtney Love, is on its way to trial.

California grocery workers sign new employee contract

Southern California grocery workers have voted to ratify a new employment contract, which had been negotiated over the last eight months. Included in the contract are 62,000 employees of Vons, Ralphs, Albertsons and related grocery businesses. The workers included in the contract are baggers, checkers and meat cutters as well as other grocery workers.

New book says female staffers in early Obama Administration felt left out

A recently released book called "Confidence Men: Wall Street, Washington and the Education of a President" by a well-known journalist has sparked controversy over its portrayal of the Obama Administration during its first two years. The author wrote the book after conducting over 700 hours of interviews with staff of the White House and even with President Obama.

Outdoor store facing race discrimination lawsuit

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) filed a lawsuit Wednesday against an outdoor retail chain that alleges discriminatory employment practices. The EEOC accuses Bass Pro Shops of discriminating against black and Hispanic job applicants based on race. The lawsuit also accuses the company of retaliating against employees who spoke out against the race discrimination.

'Price is Right' game show involved in another harassment suit

A former model on the game show "The Price is Right" has filed a sexual harassment and wrongful termination lawsuit against the producers of the show. She is among the latest to take similar legal action against the popular TV show.

Negotiations still ongoing for Southern California grocery workers

Southern California grocery workers are still in negotiations with grocery chains Albertsons, Vons and Ralphs. The unions and the employers have been in contract negotiations for the last seven months. In August, grocery employees voted to strike if necessary, but have continued to try to work out a deal around the bargaining table for now.

Judge rules employer's insulting comments were not defamation

The Third District Court of Appeal in California has rejected a man's claim against his employer for defamation and invasion of privacy. The court determined the employee did not have a right to recover against his employer for allegedly defamatory comments made by a company director to a manager after the settlement of the employee's discrimination and sexual harassment claims. The director had apparently called the man a "lying, thieving snake."

Employer settles third age discrimination lawsuit this year

3M has settled three age discrimination lawsuits this year that were brought against them by current and former employees. Last spring, 3M settled an age discrimination lawsuit that had been brought against the employer in San Jose, California.

Judge Limits Damages Claim in Desperate Housewives Lawsuit

The Los Angeles Superior Court judge hearing a wrongful termination lawsuit brought by actor Nicollette Sheridan has limited the damages she can be paid if she wins. Last May, the same judge tossed out the sexual harassment part of the lawsuit before allowing the lawsuit to proceed.