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August 2011 Archives

Stylist sues "Extra" host for defamation

A Hollywood stylist is suing one of her former clients for defamation. Lindsay Albanese claims that her former client, Maria Menounos, falsely accused her of stealing and shared those accusations with others and in front of others, which cost her clients. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Esq., Albanese filed the defamation lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court a week ago Thursday.

New law banning teacher-student communication online challenged

A union that represents 44,000 teachers has challenged a new state law that it says overly restricts teachers' online use. This new law was passed in Missouri, not California, but brings up important issues related to the rights of employees. The law was created in order to prevent sexual predation of students by teachers.

Grocery worker labor strike could happen next week

The United Food and Commercial Workers grocery employees' union has been in contract negotiations for the last six months with the grocery chains Albertsons, Vons and Ralphs, but the two sides don't seem to be getting any closer together. This weekend, the union will decide whether to go on strike. On Friday and Saturday, the votes will be counted, charting the next course of the dispute.

Transgender woman settles suit against DMV for employee misconduct

An employee of the DMV in San Francisco was suspended without pay after an incident in which he used private information about a transgender woman to mail her harassing materials. The transgender woman went to the DMV in order to change her name and sex on her driver's license. The employee complied with the request, but later he looked up the woman's private information and sent materials to her home address that told her that she was going to hell for being transgender.

Grocery workers will vote next week on whether to strike

Grocery workers employed at Southern California Albertsons, Ralphs and Vons have been threatening a labor strike. Current contract negotiations have been going on since last March when the previous contract expired.

Jury says former Calif. policewoman faced gender discrimination

A California woman who sued the Los Angeles Airport Police Department for gender discrimination was awarded compensatory damages by a jury last week. The jury agreed with the woman's claims that she was passed over for a promotion at LAX because she was a woman. The woman was a lieutenant for 10 years. Her attorney said that she had the qualifications to be promoted to captain but was not promoted because she was a woman.