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San Diego Employment Law Blog | Grady & Associates Lawyers

Welcome to Grady & Associates' San Diego Employment Law Blog! The team is excited to add this new resource to their premier practice and hopes it will provide a reader-friendly, enlightening forum wherein you can learn about what is going on in the important and complicated world of California Employment Law.

Grady & Associates has experience handling tens of thousands of employment law issues, but this blog will cover mainly wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment, defamation and employee rights in California. Of course, national news will also be covered when it affects California employment laws.

Most people work, but many do not know the rights they have in the workplace and are then unlikely to question ill treatment. But you are entitled to certain rights in your place of employment, and Grady & Associates takes great pride in fighting for those rights.

This blog will help serve that purpose by sharing current news in Employment Law and explaining how the developments affect you. The more you know about what your rights are, the more likely you will try to protect them. Grady & Associates believes your job and your dignity as an employee are worth protecting.

The San Diego Employment Law Blog is meant to be a forum of learning and sharing. To learn more about Grady & Associates and to contact us, please view our employment law website. The firm provides a free initial consultation.

Grady & Associates looks forward to posting future blogs!