California Workplace Defamation Lawyers

Unfortunately, defamation in the workplace occurs in all industries and occupations. A false or disparaging comment or a malicious performance review can have a serious impact on an employee's career. Many victims of workplace defamation do not realize that there are legal remedies available to them.

Based on more than 100 years of combined employment law experience, the attorneys at Grady & Associates provide excellent legal advice and representation to employees who have suffered defamation at work. The firm has assisted thousands of employees, including private sector employees and all types of government employees, in pursuing workplace claims, including defamation.

Defamation Of Character, Workplace Slander And Other Forms Of Defamation

If you are an employee, a documented form of possible defamation such as an improper written warning, an unwarranted negative performance review, or negative statement about you to others can follow you for the rest of your career. The lawyers at Grady & Associates understand how harmful defamatory statements can be for employees, and our attorneys aggressively work to rectify these matters and prevent the negative consequences that often result.

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